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Data Leaders Deserve More Choice in Their Career

In our developed societies we often take for granted the levels of choice and freedom available to us. Our choice of career, our choice of whom we work with and for, our preferred area of expertise, these days even the choice of whether to work in an office or to work from home (or a combination of the two).

But within the community of Data and AI leaders, there are restrictions on our choices that are self-inflicted. Restrictions that we may not even be aware exist.

This matters to me, and I hope it does to you too. Being able to choose the best path for yourself as a leader and for those who work for you is critical. And if you’re placing chains on your choices without realizing it’s happening, I’d like to help you remove them.

Because, after nearly 40 years in the IT industry, I’ve come to realize that data leaders can open up more choice and freedom for themselves than we might ever have imagined.

The REAL source of power in data management

I began working in this industry when I was just 22 (selling IT staffing services), I bought my own company when I was 28, and I sold it at the age of 34.

Talk about choice!

It still feels amazing to me that I live in a society that enabled me, at such a young age, to be able to dream big and follow through.

When I built my first team I hand-selected my employees, taking care to only hire top level performers from other industries. I trained every single person individually and I aimed to create a community-focused unit where everyone had each other’s back. We were a real “work hard, play hard” team and, to this day, I’m proud of the fact that as we grew over the next six years, not a single person left.

So what helps you become a genuine business leader? Someone whom people enjoy working for, who makes them feel empowered to do their best work, and who inspires loyalty.

I learned two things through this process, which are crucial to allowing ourselves and our teams the freedom and choice they need to thrive.

  • Data management is a team sport 

No individual can be successful without engaging with and learning from other experts in the field. I’ve built many strong relationships with IT leaders throughout my career and this is, I believe, one of the core reasons why I’ve been able to stay at the forefront of the industry for so long.

  • Communication + Information = Power

This mantra is something I developed early in my career and it’s never let me down. Communication and information are two valuable elements, but individually they have great limitations. Put them together and great things start to happen.

Think about it…

Communication combined with ignorance is just a bubble, or what these days we sometimes refer to as an “echo chamber”. Nothing new or interesting can get in, which means nothing of value can get out.

And information on its own immediately becomes stagnant. For data to mean something it needs to be analyzed, discussed, debated, tested, and applied. None of which can be achieved in isolation.

Put the two things together…

And the results are exponential.

Because when we talk about Power, we’re also talking about choice. That’s real power. The freedom to make informed choices about your career as a data leader that will allow you to grow and prosper.

This is the restriction on your choices that I earlier referred to. Gathering and absorbing new information about your field of expertise and discussing them with other like-minded individuals will open a WEALTH of new opportunities.

How to grasp both information AND communication

Today, at the age of 59, I’m as hungry as ever. My desire to create something new and innovative in this industry that I love is a fire in my bones. 

I was raised in a humble household and from a very young age I determined that I wasn’t going to experience the kinds of limitations that get placed on your life when money is scarce. Which is why, for some time, I’ve felt this strong drive to create something that can help other people, like myself, who value the freedom and choice to go after the kind of career they deserve.

The question I kept coming back to was this…

How do I help data leaders grasp both communication AND information so they can provide themselves and their employees REAL choice?

In other words, what could I create that will allow data leaders to…

  • Continue to develop their skills
  • Stay current with the latest developments in data, AI, and other related subjects
  • Develop their own profile that positions them as an expert and thought leader
  • Access tools and resources that will allow them to work with greater efficiency
  • Enjoy a private, safe space where they can collaborate with like-minded people

What I came up with is called the Data Leaders’ Network.

And it’s almost here.

Introducing the Data Leaders’ Network

We’re opening a brand new community, a private space (away from search engines and biased discussions) where leaders in this field can…

  • Freely discuss current technological developments
  • Attend roundtables & upskilling sessions 
  • Access to exclusive resources and mentors 
  • Connect with relevant organizations 

The Data Leaders Network is free to join but access is available by invitation only.

The reason for this is to make sure we have a solid group of members with the right mentality who can all bring value to the project and each other. Rather than a free-for-all website that simply mimics social media platforms, membership is going to be carefully curated.

Naturally we’re focusing initially on people who are already leaders in their field. We also welcome a select few emerging data managers who have demonstrated an aptitude and an enthusiasm for a career in senior leadership. Specifically, we’re interested in professionals who work in data and AI-related fields, are community-focused (in other words, a team player), believe strongly in an ethical approach to data, work and life, and are dedicated to their career.

And those who appreciate the importance of taking pleasure in their work will find this an enjoyable place to hang out, as well as a hub for productive and intelligent collaboration.

If you’d like to learn more, apply to join our inner circle. We will be in touch with you shortly.

Our first members are going to form the foundation of something really special, so if you believe you have the right level of experience and motivation, we can’t wait to hear from you.