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New Data and AI Project Gives Industry Leaders a Golden Opportunity to Collaborate

When I hear about an emerging, strategic collaboration in the tech world, I like to walk it backward in my mind and think about the conversations that must have taken place to enable this to happen.

Think Microsoft investing in Apple in the 90s or Google teaming up with NASA to work on a data management project. Were they the results of months of research, planning, and then eventually a carefully-planned approach? Or were they kicked off by two executives bumping into each other at the bar after a long day at some corporate event and brainstorming ideas on the back of a napkin?

A couple of days ago, Philips announced a partnership with Spanish biotech company, Quibim, to create an AI-based imaging and reporting solution that has the potential to revolutionize the diagnosis of prostate cancer. If I had to guess I would say this teaming up was a result of Philips conducting a deep search for a suitable partner to enhance their own technology, but still, at some point, contact had to be made and conversations had to happen that involved the putting aside of egos and engaging in some real talk to try to make something important happen.

Stories like this make me wonder how many other transformative partnerships, particularly in the data and AI space, have been missed over the years for lack of opportunity for people from different firms to meet and enjoy free and open dialogue.

More importantly, how many future collaborations might be possible if we create a dedicated space for like-minded data leaders to talk, discuss, and brainstorm together?

Given my decades in IT workforce solutions, I had little choice but to come up with a features list…

What attributes are needed for a dedicated space for data leaders?

  • Invite-only

Although it should be accessible to all data or AI professionals, whether they’re a leader in the field or an enthusiastic up-and-comer, the opportunities for meaningful discussion and debate will be diluted if it becomes too large too quickly, or is too broad in its scope. It’s all about having the right people with the right frame of mind.

Vetting the members that apply will allow the development of the space to be managed, affording us the opportunity to bring in highly-motivated experts who understand the importance of co-creation versus competition, and thus ensuring the interactions remain fruitful.

  • Private

Public forums already exist for like-minded individuals to engage in discussions but are frequently derailed by disagreeable people, ill-informed contributors without enough experience in the subject being addressed, and off-topic asides. If you’ve ever tried to have a meaningful debate on social media, you’ll know how quickly it can degenerate.

Making our space private will allow data leaders to have online conversations that stay on topic and actually result in productive conclusions. When you’re able to openly share a view without being worried about blowback from a client (or your boss), the likelihood of achieving optimal results increases exponentially.

  • Curated Information

With over a trillion megabytes of data created daily, today’s big challenge is figuring out how to sift through the noise and identify the information most relevant to your field of expertise so you can keep up to date. The fields of data management and AI are arguably among the most challenging examples.

Facilitating meaningful discussion among our like-minded data specialists will help members focus on what matters most, and stay current without losing hours in search of meaningful conversations. 

  • Not Industry-Specific

If you need convincing that staying current with tech developments is a major challenge, consider that Synechron, a consulting and digital solution firm, has just unveiled a new AI-powered solution to help finance and big tech professionals identify potential risks in their business that arise as a result of changes to regulations, climate, and supply chain vulnerabilities, to name just a few.

But  what’s interesting about this story is that Synechron is mostly industry agnostic. Although this new product is aimed at a particular vertical, the company as a whole is much broader. This supports my belief that the best innovation comes when dialogue happens between people in different spheres.

Introducing the Data Leaders Network

Of course none of the above was hypothetical 😊

These features are the core of a brand new community created specifically for like-minded data and AI leaders to have a private space to…

  • Freely discuss current technological developments
  • Attend roundtables and upskilling sessions 
  • Access exclusive resources and mentorship  
  • Connect with relevant organizations 

The Data Leaders Network will be free to join but access is available by invitation only.

If you’d like to learn more, head over to the Data Leaders Network and apply to join our inner circle.

This is an opportunity to become part of something real that, I believe, is going to be the foundation of exciting new partnerships and collaborations. If you’re already a data or AI leader, or if you’re fairly new in your management career but you believe you have the enthusiasm and vision to contribute, we’d love to hear from you. Click below and complete the form to get started

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