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Leverage GenAI

Tap into the $1.3 Trillion Market

Unlock the transformative potential of Generative AI with our comprehensive program designed for Data and AI leaders. This program equips you with the knowledge and skills to leverage GenAI not just within your team but also across your entire organization.

Program Curriculum

The program is divided into four sessions delivered by industry experts, interspersed with curated resources and interactive activities.

Learning Experiences

Curated Resources

Access white papers, studies, articles, conferences, podcasts recommended by experts, tailored to your industry.

Key Point Summaries

Save time with concise summaries of the most important takeaways from curated content.

Peer Group Discussions

Participate in exclusive, member-only, hour-long group meetings every other week to discuss learnings and network with peers facing similar challenges.

Short Topic Videos

Supplement your learning with short, informative videos on relevant topics.

Live Q&A with Instructors

Address your specific questions and concerns in a live session with program instructors.

The Disruption is Here.
Are You Ready?

In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, staying ahead of the curve is no longer an option – it’s a necessity. Disruptive technologies like GenAI are transforming entire industries, and early adopters are reaping the rewards.


Are you facing challenges like:

GenAI can be the answer.

This powerful technology unlocks a world of possibilities, from streamlining workflows and boosting productivity to personalizing customer experiences and accelerating product development. But navigating this new frontier requires the right guidance.

Introducing the Fast-Paced
GenAI Journey.

This exclusive 8-week program, designed specifically for senior data leaders like you, equips you with the knowledge and tools to leverage GenAI and unlock its potential for your business. Don’t get left behind. Become a GenAI leader and transform your company’s future.

Industry-Specific Applications
for Real-World Results.

GenAI’s applications extend across various industries. Here are a few examples:


Optimize production lines, personalize product design, and predict equipment failures.


Automate fraud detection, generate personalized financial reports, and streamline loan applications.


Develop new drugs, personalize patient care plans, and accelerate medical research.


Personalize customer experiences, optimize marketing campaigns, and predict demand trends.

These are just a few examples. We can tailor the program to address the specific challenges and opportunities in your industry.

Who should attend?

This GenAI program is designed for ambitious professionals who are current senior data leaders or aspiring senior data leaders.

Frequently Asked Questions

The program and all DLN activities are delivered in an online format to accommodate busy executive schedules.

BCG's research emphasizes the transformative impact GenAI can have on enterprise cost structures. Their analysis indicates that for companies anticipating cost savings from AI/GenAI adoption, around 10% in cost reductions are expected. BCG quantifies this, stating:

"For a $10 billion revenue company, 10% in cost savings from GenAI would equate to $1 billion in cost reductions."

To illustrate the potential return on investment from implementing a strategic GenAI initiative spearheaded by executive training, consider the following scenario for a $5 billion revenue organization:

· Company Revenue: $5 billion
· Potential Cost Savings from GenAI: 10% (per BCG's estimate)
· Investment in Senior Leadership GenAI Program: $169,800 (10 leaders at $16,980 each)
· 10% of Potential GenAI Cost Savings Realized in Year 1
Potential Year 1 Cost Savings: = $5B revenue * 10% cost savings = $500M

Assuming the training enables capturing 10% of that cost savings potential in Year 1:
· Year 1 Cost Savings: $500M * 10% = $50M
· Year 1 DLN Network Investment: $169,800
· Projected Year 1 ROI: ($50M - $169,800) / $169,800 * 100 = 29,387%

Even with a conservative 10% capture rate in the first year, this $169,800 investment in upskilling 10 senior leaders could deliver an ROI of 29,387% by operationalizing GenAI's cost optimization capabilities as outlined by BCG.

This ROI calculation underscores the immense value potential of strategically adopting generative AI capabilities. As adoption matures and a higher percentage of projected gains are realized, the ROI upside compounds further.

Effective leadership alignment and strategic implementation are critical to unlocking this transformative opportunity. However, unlocking this value requires strategic GenAI mastery from the top:
🔹 54% of leaders expect GenAI to enable new business models
🔹 46% anticipate new product/revenue streams from GenAI
🔹 <20% are willing to increase spend, signaling cost savings potential

Our program equips senior data leaders with a comprehensive multi-modal GenAI applied education tailored for leaders needing to quickly create AI wins: Model governance best practices Ethical guidelines and risk mitigation Value mapping across business units Enterprise-wide integration strategies

At under $17K per year, this future-proofs your leadership team as the GenAI revolution takes hold:
✅ 75% of companies plan mandatory employee GenAI training
✅ Graduates drive widespread adoption and ROI realization

GenAI training is an imperative and the above underscores the immense potential for strategic executive training to catalyze enterprise-wide GenAI adoption, cost reduction, and long-term competitiveness. As implementation scales over time, the value realization compounds further.

The program is delivered over eight weeks, with live sessions approximately 90 minutes each. In addition to the live sessions, participants should expect to dedicate 2-3 hours per week to readings, assignments, and asynchronous group discussions.

You will receive a 12-month pass to the Data Leaders Network and can selectively participate in activities relevant to your Data and AI role, and organizational goals:

· DLN Strategy Circles: Peer Collaboration Groups
· Interactive Live Workshops & Journeys
· Case Study Reviews with Asynchronous Forum Discussions
· Virtual Peer Meetups for Real-Time Interaction
· Access to Vetted Consultants and Mentors
· Regulatory Guidance and Support Forum
· Engaging Online Networking Events

Don't Get Left Behind:
The Risks of Inaction

Imagine your competitors leveraging GenAI to streamline operations, personalize marketing campaigns, and accelerate product development. While you’re struggling with the status quo, they’re forging a significant competitive advantage.

Here’s what you risk by not participating in this program:

Falling Behind the Curve

Companies slow to adopt GenAI risk being outpaced by more innovative competitors. This can lead to stagnant growth, declining market share, and ultimately, lost revenue.

Rising Costs and Inefficiencies

Without GenAI’s automation capabilities, your company might struggle with manual workflows, wasted resources, and rising operational costs.

Missed Innovation Opportunities

GenAI can accelerate the development of new products and services. By not embracing it, you risk falling behind in innovation and missing out on potential market disruptions.


Employee Frustration:

Manual tasks can be tedious and uninspiring. Without GenAI’s automation, your employees might become disengaged and less productive.


The Future is Today. Embrace Generative AI!

Ready to Take the Next Step?

Connect with us today to discuss how this program can help you unlock the potential of GenAI for your business and generate a significant return on investment.